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A Guaranteed Winter Tan?!

November 11, 2013 Temple Beauty Salon Bournemouth Leave a comment

Rejuvenate your Body with Temple Beauty Salon Bournemouth and prepare for the coming winter!

We’ve all enjoyed a fabulous and much needed summer this year after a very long drawn out winter! Long glorious sunny days on the beach rolling in the sand and making waves in the sea. I hope you’ve all been doing the same! This along with BBQs and that extra glass of wine or two all takes its toll on the body. I am sad to say the nights are drawing in but there is something to look forward too. Rejuvenate your body with Temple Beauty with a St Tropez Full Body exfoliation and Tan for that golden glow without the damaging effects of the sun.

Book a St Tropez Full body Exfoliation and Tan with our experienced Beauty Therapists for £30 normally £40!

Exfoliating the Body will stimulate the lymphatic system, this is responsible for detoxing and ridding the body of the build of toxins from all that over indulging. This will result in felling and looking better, not only will it remove the build up of dry damaged and dead skin cells from all that sunbathing but it helps with the appearance of cellulite and tone of your skin.

The Beauty Therapists at temple beauty will start the St Tropez Treatment off with a full Body Exfoliation, let’s not say good bye to our tans just yet, and complete the treatment with the St Tropez Tan Application.

The St Tropez tan gives you the richest deepest most natural looking tan available, infused with aloe vera that prevents the tan turning orange and new innovative aroma guard fragrance technology that eliminates the tell tale self tan aroma by a minimum of 70% and instead gives a beautiful subtle and refreshing fragrance. Whatever your skin type this tan is perfect for all, for the longest lasting most natural tan. (Lasts 7-10 days)

The Perfect treatment to make yourself feel and look better about the winter on its way!

Contact Temple Beauty today and book yourself in, or maybe treat someone special with a Temple Beauty Gift Voucher.

Please go to the Tanning page for more information.

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