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Spring detox

March 14, 2013 Temple Beauty Salon Bournemouth Leave a comment


Beauty Therapists Jay Lowe and Karen Stone launch Plant based face, body and spa products. Jay Lowe now offering PINKS BOUTIQUE, luscious, organic range favoured by spas and stars and the new buzz. Karen Stone offering treatments with ARBONNE, botanical and wildcrafted products. More news to follow with promotions in the coming year and information on specific products in these effective, nourishing ranges. Ask for a skin analysis and recommendations so that you can enjoy them at home every day! Treat yourself or someone you know to the gift of Beauty.


Feeling lacklustre and sluggish after the long winter? Increase your vitality in March and April. Beauty begins on the inside. Drinking enough water? Tried nettle, fennel or peppermint herbal teas? Am enjoying Birt and Tangs Figaro herbal tea with Pu’er tea (which is reputed to assist weight loss) and water lily, liquorice and cinnamon. Book a revitalizing facial to rejuvenate your skin and remove dead,grey cells. Facials with pressure point massage release tension leaving you looking refreshed and rested. Excellent for tension in the neck, shoulders and scalp. Pure, natural plant based products rehydrate the deeper layers of skin so it looks smooth, plumped and luminous.


Start skin brushing your body before you have a bath or shower. This simple, highly effective habit will improve blood and lymphatic circulation so helps with excess fluid and will detoxify as it removes dead, dry skin cells. Invest in a natural bristle brush, starting at your hands and feet, working upwards towards your heart to feel tingly and invigorated!

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