Tanning Treatment

Want beautiful golden skin without the damaging effects of the sun, book yourself in for a St Tropez Tanning treatment with Temple Beauty and leave with just that!


St Tropez Tanning


The ultimate in self tanning:

The St Tropez tan gives you the richest deepest most natural looking tan available, infused with aloe vera that prevents the tan turning orange and new innovative aroma guard fragrance technology that eliminates the tell tale self tan aroma by a minimum of 70% and instead gives a beautiful subtle and refreshing fragrance. Whatever your skin type this tan is perfect for all, for the longest lasting most natural tan. (Lasts 7-10 days)


Full body exfoliation, tan & buff   – £40

Tan application only  – £30

(Please exfoliate prior to your appointment)
Half body exfoliation tan & buff  – £20
Just Legs or Upper Body 
Half body tan application only –  £17
(Please exfoliate prior to your appointment)


Before your tan:

Please bear in mind it is best to have either shaved or waxed at least 12 hours before your tanning appointment as you will not be able to shave on the same day as your tan, and it is best not to wax during the life of your tan as this will remove some of the colour. Please wear loose dark clothing for the day of your tanning to avoid the tan being rubbed onto clothing. It is best to have your tan on a day that you have little to do or in the afternoon so you can go straight home after your appointment.



A full body exfoliation is given to ensure all dry, dead skin is removed and allow a completely even coverage, all dry areas such as elbows, knees etc are then moisturised. The tan is then applied which has a dark guide colour for ease of application. The tan will look uneven at the application stage as the tan is applied to simply cover all areas rather than for appearance. The tan is then left to dry for about 10 minutes and is then lightly buffed to even out, you will then be able to get dressed. You will need to leave your tan on for a minimum of 4 hours or preferably overnight for a deeper looking tan.  Once you have showered the excess colour will wash off leaving a perfect tan.



You will need to avoid getting the tan wet and try to avoid sweating for at least 4 hours. Your tan will last longer by moisturising daily and will allow the tan to fade more evenly.