Pedicures Nail Treatments Bournemouth

Manicures and Pedicures are designed to treat and improve the appearance and condition of the skin and nails.

How should a healthy nail appear?

A healthy nail will appear firm but flexible, smooth and slightly pink in colour, the surrounding cuticle should be unbroken, flexible and should not be stuck down to the nail plate. A healthy nail will grow approximately 2-3 mm per month but will grow faster in children and pregnant women as they have higher levels of nutrients in their blood and in summer as the temperature increases blood circulation which delivers nutrients to the nail. The toe nails grow slower and are often harder and thicker. To produce healthy nails vitamins A, B complex and D are needed together with the minerals calcium and iron.

Nail treatments such as buffing, massage, filing and cuticle maintenace benefit nail growth by increasing the blood supply to the nail bed, in doing so more nutrients and oxygen are available for the cells to grow and divide which means nails will grow more quickly and strongly.


The effects of illness

Disease or illness can effect and influence the rate of growth and appearance of the nails as well as the skin and hair. Poor health or poor diet can cause nails to be brittle or very soft, flexible, pale, discoloured or blue in colour and the cuticles to be dry split and hardened.