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Hormones and Weight Loss

March 14, 2013 Temple Beauty Salon Bournemouth Leave a comment

Our hormones fluctuate through our lives and greatly influence our overall health and well being. Here are a few of them…

CORTISOL Stress and lack of sleep can lead to you putting on weight around your middle and waist due to this hormone. It moves glucose into your bloodstream so your muscles can use it. If your body doesn’t use it fat builds up around your belly, your metabolism slows and you crave sugar.


1 Moderate exercise can help use up Cortisol.

2 Make a plan to manage stress in your life that doesn’t involve a bottle of Chardonnay and chocolate ice cream. Yoga or Pilates? Brisk walk or meditation CD? Make time.

3 A monthly massage or facial is deeply relaxing, nurturing and is time just for you.

4 Warm bath and a good book with an oat biscuit or yogurt. A small amount of carbohydrate can help you sleep.

5 Take Vitamin C. If your levels of C are low you’ll produce more Cortisol when stressed leading to more fat around your middle…

6 Avoid excess caffeine as this will worsen the issue. Stick to one or two small coffees a day or try Green tea. Tea contains l-theanine a relaxant.



Too much Oestrogen can cause excess fluid in tissues, slow down your thyroid, and make it hard work for your body to burn fat. You may carry more weight around your bottom, hips and thighs. Research now shows that people with insomnia who don’t sleep well can gain weight as they may consume more calories. As early as your thirties the Ovaries will start to produce less oestrogen and progesterone which are hormones that promote sleep. In your forties and fifties spikes in these hormones cause night sweats and hot flushes and sleep can become a big challenge. 10% of women experience hypothyroidism ( low thyroid hormone) after menopause leading to weight gain.


1 Melatonin and Valerian supplements can help sleep.

2 Avoid wearing synthetic night clothes.

3 Avoid fake oestrogens in the form of phthalates in beauty products and plastics in the kitchen.

4 Buy more organic food and choose natural cleaning products to reduce exposure to chemicals.

5 Take more fibre by eating fresh fruit and veg and taking psyllium husk with water.

6 Take a probiotic. Healthy bowels with adequate gut bacteria help metabolise oestrogen.

7 Cut down on excess alcohol to assist liver function. One small glass of red wine a day is enough. Take milk thistle if you over indulge.

8 Take agnus castus and black cohosh for herbal menopausal support.



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